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Overview on Electricity Consumption in Lao PDR

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Domestic electricity consumption increased by four-fold, from 220 GWh to 883.7 GWh, during the period 1991 to 2003, an average annual growth of 13 percent (See Figure 1).

Figure 1: Energy Sales in Lao PDR by Customer Class, 1991-2001 (source: Ministry of Energy and Mines)

Although residential and industrial consumption have had the largest increases, government electricity consumption has also grown considerably and in 2001 represented ten percent of consumption, and likely more in the Central-1 grid (See Figure 2). There are about 5,000 public sector facilities served by EdL (Figure 3). Most of these are in the Vientiane area, and fall within the purview of the following major Ministries:? Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction; Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM); Ministry of Commerce; Bank of Lao PDR; Ministry of Information and Culture; Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health; and Lao People?s Armed Forces.

Figure 2: Electricity Consumption by End-Use Sector in 2001 (source: Ministry of Energy and Mines)

Figure 3: EdL's Customers?by End-Use Sector in 2002 (source: Ministry of Energy and Mines)